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When the news broke about Eric Dover leaving Imperial Drag, my email in-box and the "Jellyfish and Related Bands Email Discussion Group" were filled with all kinds of comments. Some of the more interesting ones are reproduced here.


Date:    Thu, 28 Aug 1997 12:53:18 -0700
From:    Tiger * 

Dear Friends:

Yes, it's true. I just talked to Joe Karnes and I can now confirm that
Imperial Drag have indeed broken up.

Because I respect the privacy of the band members, I don't want to tell all
(heck, I don't even know all) but I can tell you this:

Eric, Eric, Roger and Joe are still friends and they apparently care about
each other very much. There were some issues that surfaced and there was a
conflict over some creative and personal differences which certain
member(s) felt could not be resolved. In the end, Eric Dover decided to
leave the group. Please don't blame Eric for this, however. Some of these
issues were apparently very complex and personal so don't paint him as the
bad guy.

As for the future, the WORK group (their label) wants to maintain a
relationship with all four members so we may see Roger, Joe and Eric S.
putting out one album (with a different singer/guitarist) and Eric Dover
putting out another one with a new group. Or something else might happen.
Stay tuned.

I'll try to keep "All Things Imperial" updated with the latest news about
these folks.

Chin up,


Date:         Thu, 28 Aug 1997 14:10:58 -0000
From: Michelle Gruye 

The news of this  "death", if you will, is most devastating!!! I am a
HUGE fan...and my heart is weeping...and I will never be the same again.
Will we ever be able to hear the Imperial works as of late? (Dover
included!!)  ...Like maybe this new record they've been working on or
anything for that matter???

Sad but still hangin' on (...barely),


Date:         Thu, 28 Aug 1997 23:26:30 -0600
From: Joe Nat

Yo Andy.


Date:         Fri, 29 Aug 1997 00:30:14 -0600
From: Mike Vancha 

On Fri, 29 Aug 1997, RocketRob wrote:

I think [Falkner]'s best solo too and the reason is that he gets all his songs
on. He'd be great in the right kind of collaboration. I think he's pretty
close with those two now. Melodically and structurally, he';s right there
but he doesnt' put as much emphasis on words.

I , too, thought [ID] could have been better. I'd rank Jason up there
with Jellyfish, Umajets right under and Imperial Drag at the bottom of
the four but they did have some good stuff.

> I think Jellyfish should get back together (minus Falkner) and do that
> Queen/Beach Boys/Beatles/XTC thing that they did so well!

Great description and Supertramp could have been added at the end.

> Thats my $.04  because $.02 isn't worth shit anymore!
> RocketRob

And that's about $.06 Canadian :)



Date:         Fri, 29 Aug 1997 01:54:08 -0400
From: RocketRob

Jeff from PRN Executive Search wrote:
> >>> As for the rest of us (Roger,Joe,& myself), we will continue
> >>> to write & play together, and are currently looking for a new
> >>> vocalist/ guitarist/frontman.
> How about Jason Falkner?
> He can sing great, jam on guitar, write, ......the chicks dig him, the
> press loves him, he's likable, and all you have to do is let him write a
> few songs now and then.
> Hmmm, maybe it'll be a "different" kind of reunion than what everyone was
> hoping for!!!!!??????

I dunno, I think Falkner is best solo. His songwriting has improved
drasticly since The Grays. If he keeps it up for another albumn or 2,
in my opinion, he'll almost be up there with, XTC and Elvis Costello.

As far as Imperial Drag went, I'm glad to see it go. It was a very
lame excuse for a band. There's only 1 or 2 tunes that were remotely
catchy on albumn. Basicly, I was extremely disipointed with it and
I felt like I wasted $13.
I think Jellyfish should get back together (minus Falkner) and do that
Queen/Beach Boys/Beatles/XTC thing that they did so well!

Thats my $.04  because $.02 isn't worth shit anymore!


Date:         Fri, 29 Aug 1997 03:08:32 -0400
From: Billy Shahin

In a message dated 97-08-29 01:55:32 EDT, you write:

<< I regret to inform you, that as of
  about a week ago, the group you've come to know & love, Imperial Drag,

                has ceased to exist. >>

Aww man! Now that's one less album to look forward too.  It's a shame, for I
really dug Imperial Drag and tried, but failed, to turn them on to friends.
 Maybe it's for the best.  I guess this means that I'll be looking forward to
a new solo Eric Dover (or new Dover-fronted band) album and a new album by
anything Roger does.  Gee, this ain't so bad after all!



Date:         Fri, 29 Aug 1997 09:04:46 -0700
From: Jeff from PRN Executive Search 

Seemed inevitable to me....

I dont profess to be an expert on either Roger or Eric, but Eric's taste
seemed much harder rock edged.  Its only a matter of time when somebody who
"loves the Archies" wont click with someone who "loves anything by
Zappa!" least in terms of deciding which dozen song go on the album!

When the word was out that the new ID was gonna be a real hard-rocker (all
new and "not your fathers ID!"), i was kinda surprised.

Too bad I liked ID.

Your Pundit fot the day....



Date:         Fri, 29 Aug 1997 09:15:45 -0400
From: Fido

At 01:12 AM 8/29/97 -0700, someone wrote:

>>> I think Jellyfish should get back together (minus Falkner) and do that
>>> Queen/Beach Boys/Beatles/XTC thing that they did so well!

        Tiger replied:
>When are people gonna stop thinking that this is even possible? You're
>wasting your energy if you really think this could happen.

        Hi Ho!
I caution you against such a may bite you in the ass later.
Glenn Frey's 1980 comment about ever playing with Don Henley et al
immediately comes to mind, & Elvis Costello's publicized feelings toward the
Attractions, or even
(sorry, Mike!;P) Gene & Paul on Ace & Peter...

The Unascanner   


Date:         Fri, 29 Aug 1997 13:53:20 -0400
From: noah simon


how about Brad Jones himself? I know he's not really a hard rocker, more
poppy, but his CD, gilt-flake, has some nice moments on it and he probably
gets along pretty well with the others... his musical taste might be
closer to Roger's anyhow. It could be a real pop-fest. Just a thought...



Date:         Sat, 30 Aug 1997 02:31:37 +0900
From: Satomi Takashima 

At 0:53 PM 97.8.28, Tiger * wrote:
> Yes, it's true. I just talked to Joe Karnes and I can now confirm that
> Imperial Drag have indeed broken up.

> In the end, Eric Dover decided to
> leave the group. Please don't blame Eric for this, however. Some of these
> issues were apparently very complex and personal so don't paint him as the
> bad guy.

I can't think anything out about it...just say Oh,No...!
I can't beleave Eric Dover and Roger aren't going to make music together...
When the Jf broke up,I thought the same thing to Andy and Roger.
But I really got happy when ID came out...and I believed ID would never
broken up! But there is NO JF,NO Umajets, and NO Imperial Drag anymore...!
I really love Eric D,He's weird but great,so I'm worring if he'll be able to
stand on his own bottom without Roger...Will he make his solo record???
And how about the songs the ID guys already made up for second album???

What the BADDEST week this week! My computer is almost dying and
I don't sleep over 4 hours! (One good thing is about the Japanese version
Umajets album) Well,I'll try to come to my senses.

Satomi who dont need the Jellyfish reunion, but Imperial Drag....


Date: Sat, 30 Aug 1997 07:14:17 -0700 (PDT)
From: Adam Gimbel

Well, if you didn't get my other e-mail, Imperial Drag is now Rog Folds
Moog.  Drummer Eric Skodis posted the news on Tiger's All Things Imperial
site on Thursday:

There has been a bit of discussion about it on the Jellyfish mailing list
ranging from "SHIT!" to "Eh, they sucked anyways."  A few people have
suggested new frontmen: Brad Wood, Jason Falkner, Mike Vancha (ok, that was
me), & the inevitible Jellyfish reunion suggestions.  Please feel free to
send your opinions on this.

Adam                                                            o,o
The Artist Formerly Known As Dumyhead                           `-'


Date: Fri, 29 Aug 97 08:47:17 -0700
From: Bruce Brodeen 

now, taht IS a, that record rocked!!!

do you have any of the newer demos...i have some early, unreleased demos
i can trade on...only one of the 8songs i have made the albumi think. if
i recall right!

Not Lame Recordings


Date:    Fri, 29 Aug 1997 20:13:47 -0700
From:    Tiger * 

Spomeone mentioned Sammy or Diamond David Lee to join up with Roger, Joe &
Eric S..

Well, how about Eric D. Joining up with Alex, Eddie and Michael to be Van
Halen's new vocalist?

Just brainstorming,
-Tiger *


Date:         Sun, 31 Aug 1997 17:56:35 -0400
From: Ken Cahill

look im not trying to offend anyone ,but david lee roth and sammy hagar arent
even in the same catagory as id,it would be like trying to mix oil and water!
,im not saying that those guys are bad singers or anything, but it seems to
me you wouldnt  want to mix big commercial singers,with a good song writing
band like ID.


Date:         Mon, 1 Sep 1997 13:33:36 +0000
From: "dr. simple" 

Before this gets outta hand (like I'm afraid it might) . . .
I'M the one who first suggested Sammy and Dave, and as I said in a post a
couple days ago, IT WAS ONLY A JOKE!  (Like most of my humor, it probably
wasn't that funny.)

THAT BEING SAID, I agree completely with Ken.



Date:         Mon, 1 Sep 1997 10:45:47 -0600
From: Greg Whitehead

Sorry, I like Eric, but let's give Gary Cherone a chance first,
folks.  Don't let us down Gary!



Date:         Mon, 1 Sep 1997 00:47:13 -0700
From: Jon Sutton 

my vote would go out to jon auer.  it's a shame that the posies are forced
with pondering their demise,  and you've got to admit that jon is a
fantastic songwriter.  i think the thing that didn't grab me about id was
eric's rock grit.  it sounded like he came from the aerosmith side of the
tracks and rog and crew came from the beach boys side of the  dont get me wrong, i liked id and even had my aerosmith
phase years back, but i am a popster at heart.  i can already hear jon and
rog, harmonies from hell.

it must crack rog and charlotte up that here we all are planning roger's
career from our own homes  8)



Date:         Sun, 31 Aug 1997 14:40:44 -0400
From: Chad Ball

Since we are discussing the break-up of ID and possible singers for the band
here are some possible choices ( yah right, in my dreams!!! )

Tim Smith
Rob Aldridge
Brendan Benson

Take this with a grain of salt please!!!!!!


Chad Nad


Date:         Sun, 31 Aug 1997 19:28:24 -0400
From: Greta Soma 

Why doesn't Roger just do the singing? He did a pretty good job on IDs
"Mother Narture"  I think Roger would be great as a Lead singer for a change.

Finally People PLEASE stop e-mailing me to see if I'm Eric Dover,  I'M NOT
ERIC DOVER!!!! Its just a stupid Screen name!!! leave me alone!!!!

 Sorry just had to say that

                            ByE all


Date:         Mon, 1 Sep 1997 05:12:34 -0400
From: Eric Gordon 

I agree with Greta, I'd love to hear Roger sing more.  His harmonies and
arrangements are what made SM so special, and Sebrina leaves me wanting to
hear more Roger.  Plus, songs like Mother Nature with Roger singing sound
great.  Oh well, my $.02



Date:         Mon, 1 Sep 1997 02:20:02 -0700
From: Jon Sutton 

> my vote would go out to jon auer.  it's a shame that the posies are
> with pondering their demise,

better yet, the guys could adopt a nasty smack habit and along with that
would more than likely come weiland from stone temple potheads.  i think of
this because i just saw a video for talk show which seems to be a band
including the other three templers and some ringer for a singer.  dean
deleo is an amazing guitar player with a great sense for voicings, and as
much of a fuck up weiland is, he really can write vocal melodies and sing.
same type of image thing going as our boys.  just a unconscious string of
random thoughts.

i thought brendan was another interesting thought.  i still can't say
enough about that guy!
how about robert pollard?  weird?


and now a new metallica video, this is why i don't watch tv much  8(


Date:         Tue, 2 Sep 1997 22:17:43 -0400
From: Todd Dizek 

Suggested new singer for The Drag:

1. Doug Powell
2. Phil solemn- Ex-Rembrandt
3. Tommy Shaw-Styx

In all reality though it will never be the same without Eric Dover.  I  can't
believe that we didn't get a second album though.  Talk about major
Even a couple of demos would help to ease the pain. (hint: To Charlotte)


Date: Sat, 30 Aug 1997 11:49:54 -0500
From: Christopher Machart 

I wonder how many songs ID were able to record.  Enough for an EP


P.S.  When I was when I was 12 my favorite band was the Eagles.  It
seems whenever I deem a band as my "favorite".  I lose them somehow.
Imperial Drag will be my last "favorite" band.


Date:         Tue, 2 Sep 1997 02:48:57 +0900
From: Satomi Takashima 

At 2:05 AM 97.9.1, Tiger * wrote:
> At 5:56 PM -0400 8/31/97, Ken Cahill wrote:
> >look im not trying to offend anyone ,but david lee roth and sammy hagar arent
> >even in the same catagory as id,it would be like trying to mix oil and water!

> I know what you're saying, but Eric _was_ the singer for Slash's Snakepit,
> remember?
> -T*

Somebody on the list said as a joke,Eric -the band wrecker-Dover;)
It's actually not true but he left Snakepit for ID even though Slash wanted to
make the second Snakepit album with him...But I guess he wouldn't go back to
Snakepit...ok,I would call him Eric-the gipsy-Dover. Where would you go next



Date:         Sat, 30 Aug 1997 17:37:25 -0500
From: sam jacob lewis 

Well, I would just like to yell out a nice loud "FUCK".  I was sooo
psyched to buy the new album and to finally get to see ID live but noooo,
I missed my opportunity and now it's no more.  OK, does anyone else here
think that there's a hex on Jellyheads - I mean, cmon - ID - pretty soo, no -- well, I won't say
it but all of our musical loves seem to end so abruptly.  It must be
a trade off - we get to hear and love some of the best music we have ever
come to know but the band only stays around for a max of 2 albums.  I
thought ID would at least put out 3...c'mon Jason, we're all rooting for ya!

Also - Imperial Drag rocked my ass and I listened to their disc all last
night in memorium.  It was a sad night in Urbana plus it rained today...

Can anyone send me some b-sides or booters of them...
I'll trade some good stuff!



Date:         Mon, 1 Sep 1997 06:28:31 +0900
From: Satomi Takashima

Jellyfish and Brendan got the BAM cover but Imperial Drag...
If ID finished a great second album,it would be possible to be put them
on the BAM cover,too. Oh well,I still think regretfully of the brakup.
(By the way,Is the BAM easy to get at any Tower Records in USA? or just
 in the West coast? Sometimes I can get it in tokyo...)



Date:         Sun, 31 Aug 1997 19:13:10 EDT
From: David A Jensen

        how many of ya think that a year or so from now we will be
celebrating the release of a great new album sprung from the break of
imperial drag, we may always miss another record from ID but i'm sure we
will move on as we have before with the jellyfish and the umajets,

        at least falkner hasn't broken-up, eh?



Date:         Sun, 31 Aug 1997 21:52:33 -0400
From: Mike Dillford 

I talked to Charlotte and she said ID didnt break up that they are just
looking for a new guitarist/vocalist. So we might after all see another ID cd
if they decide to keep the name.



Date:         Sun, 31 Aug 1997 23:33:58 -0400
From: Scholars Gold Trust 

Don't forget The Grays! Another great band that has broken-up since Jellyfish!

Mark S.


From: Dustin91
Date: Sun, 31 Aug 1997 10:00:01 -0400 (EDT)

ARRGHHH!!!  Why does this keep happening to me (us)?  Next thing I know, Ben
Folds Five will split.

Well, in some sorry-ass way, at least I know I'm not committed to watch a
band slip out of their glory days by putting out lamer and lamer material.
 Not that that would've happend with ID or JF....



From:    Jon Sutton 

> That doesn't mean I wouldn't want to see a mending of fences between
> Roger & Andy...I just would hope that it is for artistic merits and not
> to take advantage of people like US!

does anyone really know what happened between roger and andy??????????
anybody????????  maybe it was eric "the band wrecker" dover again.  (JUST A

chris, adam, can anyone answer the "what happened"?



******All accounts seem to point towards Andy being a huge source of
tension.  Andy makes it sound like Roger decided to end it during the Tears
For Fears tour in the book, Power Pop. 

********I think Rob Aldredge is a GREAT idea.  They'd need to get another
guitarist but that's easier to find than a great lead guitarist/lead

******Hmmmm, I dunno bout that one Jon (first flame war?).  I think ID is
pretty committed to the fun/campy glam rock thing and I can't see Mr. Auer
doing any of the sultry posturing.    Did you know they asked him to play
guitar on "Too Much Too Little Too Late"?  I heard he said something to the
effect of "It would've taken a month to learn that song!" Wow! -ag

Adam                                                            o,o
The Artist Formerly Known As Dumyhead                           `-'


Date:         Wed, 3 Sep 1997 19:10:59 -0400
From: Jamie Tate 

Hey all,

        We're all entitled to our own opinions and as I've been reading a
lot of negative speak about our beloved bands' front men I have to give a
few words of my own.  I am constantly impressed with the Imperial Drag CD.
It's a very solid album.  I was also impressed by their live show and a big
part of it was Eric's charisma on stage.  He was indeed a fine frontman.
Don't you think that Eric sang the wallpaper off the walls on the album?
He has character, control and if you listen close enough you can actually
hear his teeth rattle.  Let's face it,  Eric was a big part of what ID was
(sigh... dramatic pause for effect) and the album is full of his guitars
and vocals.  If you muted all the keyboards you'd still have a full
sounding album keeping in mind that the reason I bought it in the first
place was because of Roger.  My point is he contributed as much to the
music as anyone.  If you like the band you like Eric.

        I feel like I'm in the minority here but I can't imagine ID without
Eric.  Are the other members important enough to Roger for him to keep the
name instead of releasing a solo album or one with another band name?  I
think ID was a combination of Roger's noteriety, Eric's charisma and the
other two.

        Frogs, chocoalte and love,


Date:         Thu, 4 Sep 1997 12:24:07 +0900
From: Satomi Takashima

I can't explain how great I felt when I saw the 'boy or a girl' video at first,
before I knew it was Imperial Drag. And Eric worked really great on the album
and the show. (well,I saw the ID show five times and I never been bored with
them!) Every time he got his position,he was contrary to my expectations
in a good sence but this time...

> I feel like I'm in the minority here but I can't imagine ID without Eric.

No,you aren't the minority here. Many people feel sad about the ID breakup.
I heard Roger,Jo and Eric.S are looking for new singer/guitarist for the band
formerly ID which will be chenge the name. Now I can't imagine it yet either,
but will be able to believe this fact when they move on to something new.
Maybe 3 years after??? In the last year I'd just realised what happened when
Jellyfish broke up... btw,Did the Sneetches break up?Not yet?



Date:         Thu, 4 Sep 1997 00:06:59 -0800
From: Jeff Tymoschuk 

Well, I just thought I'd de-cloak and throw in a couple of thoughts on
some threads that have been showing up lately.

The Imperial Drag breakup.  Yes, it sucks.  The first album was one of
my favorites last year.  One of the main reasons was that in this age of
"alternative" and "post-grunge" music, it seems that most people are
afraid to:

1) Know how to play their instruments well.  Even the magazine Guitar
for the Practicing Musician has changed titles, now just going by
Guitar.  This prompted a friend of mine to joke that it's because nobody
practises anymore.  The Drag album had some excellent musicians who
weren't there to show off their chops, necessarily, but weren't ashamed
to do more than eighth note bar chords.

2) Rock.  Didn't rock used to be fun?  This was a fun album.  Yee haw.

I guess it's just one more breakup to get over and move on.  I'm
anxiously awaiting any further spinoff bands that may arise.  However,
if the remaining ID members are going to carry on, things will be quite
a bit different.  Whoever they end up with as a vocalist will have some
big shoes to fill, but who says he/she has to be a Dover clone?  Look at
Van Halen, for example.  The songwriting is quite different in the Dave
era/Sammy era, but with similar threads running through.


Jeff Tymoschuk


Date:         Thu, 4 Sep 1997 09:53:22 -0600
From: Greg Whitehead 

I love the ID album.  I think it's absolutely amazing.
Eric is not my favorite singer, and unfortunately I never
saw ID live to make me eat my words.  What I know about them
is from one tiny album.  I apologize for making myself look
like a bad guy.  Please forgive me, fellow Jellyheads.
All I want is for us to all get along and for $10,000,000
and a Jellyfish reunion and a really cool car and eternal
salvation.  Thanks.



Date:         Thu, 4 Sep 1997 17:07:47 -0500
From: JPOP 

Hi! I'm a HUGE Jellyfish fan, and just got on line.  I'm new to the
list, but am I to understand that Eric left ID?  I hope not!  He is an
amazing frontman/songwriter.  I've hung out with Eric many times and he
seemed pretty happy when I saw him last (he looked like he was hooked on
something, but it's none of my business and may not be true.) I've also
seen some posts where people were talking about NUNO.  I think his solo
album is BRILLIANT and totally overlooked.  I wasn't real impressed with
ID's album though.  I thought Cross Eyed was the jam, even thought the
harmonies were a little buried.  There are several other great songs,
but I'm not to thrilled with some of the lyrics.  Just my opinion.  I've
got several friends that love it.  I thought about half of it rocked.
The other half wasn't as good.  I thought they kicked ass live though.
That's where I was impressed the most.  Eric really came into his own
since his pudgy Jellyfish days.  I thought he was an amazing frontman.
Not to metion his ungodly killer voice.  I hope he didn't leave the
band.  I wonder why he did, if so?  Does anybody know?  When I get more
time(I've gotta go) I'll post what he told me the last time I saw him.


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