Imperial Drag
5/31/96, Rose Garden, Portland, OR

Date      City                Venue                 Comments 
5/31/96	  Portland, OR        Rose Garden Arena     Opening for Alanis Morisette
(Autographed CD Sleeve). From: Tiger

I saw Imperial Drag open for Alanis Morissette tonight. It was the first show of the tour and the first big crowd they've played for. It was also a really great show. More than half of the house was there early to catch the boys (pretty good for an opening act) and crowd reaction was quite positive.

I was lucky enough to meet them (briefly) in a nearby restaurant -- a local radio station was having a pre-show party. Imperial Drag came by for about 5 minutes and did a short on-air interview. I jumped in there as quick as I could to say "hello" and get my copy of the new CD autographed (shown in photo). FYI, the sleeve is from a promotional CD that I got from the radio station I work for. The signatures are (clockwise from top): Eric Skodis, Eric Dover, Joseph Karnes & Roger Joseph Manning, Jr.

During the interview, Roger said that they were playing all new material on this tour. There was only one song I didn't recognize -- everything else was from the album. Oh yeah, I thought that the chick who played later was pretty good, too.

Set List:

  1. Zodiac Sign
  2. Playboy After Dark
  3. Down With the Man
  4. Crosseyed
  5. "Breakfast" By Tiger (Kiss It All Goodbye)
  6. The Man in the Moon
  7. Overnight Sensation
  8. She Cries All Night [This one isn't on the album]
  9. Boy or a Girl
  10. Spyder [with a bit of The Carpenters' "Close To You" thrown in]

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