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Who is Satomi?

Satomi Takashima is a huge fan of Imperial Drag. She also happens to be a fine artist. In addition to her work in Tokyo drawing comic books, she has been writing fanzines about Imperial Drag and numerous cartoons and caricatures. She has contributed to this web site above and beyond the call of duty and as such, this gallery is dedicated to her.

Satomi's Icons

Satomi created these 12 Icons for use With the MacOS. If anyone knows how to turn them into Windows Icons, let us know and we'll post 'em here!

Satomi's Icons

Download StuffIt Archive ("icons.sit" - 16K)

Download JPG Version ("icons.jpg" - 16K)

Satomi's Fanzine

"Gettin' high all the times turned into...IMPERIAL DRAG" is the first issue of Satomi's Japanese fanzine all about the band. The illustrations are simply fabulous! Click on the thumbnail image to see a sample page. WARNING: This file is 120K!


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