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(circa. 8/20/97) In what is described as a mutual parting of the ways, lead singer/guitarist Eric Dover has left Imperial Drag. Drummer Eric Skodis says this:

I can't go into all the gory details (out of respect to all involved) about how it came about, all I will say is this; because of a decision on Eric Dover's behalf, the remaining members have decided we cannot go on in the situation we were all in. We had been working, on & off, on our new record for the past year, trying to work out our professional & personal differences with Eric, but to no avail. To put it politely, we reached an "irreconcilable difference" between him & the band.
The remaining three band members say that they will continue as a band with the addition of a new guitarist/singer.

The band's management, Carr-Sharpe Management of Beverly Hills, Calif., continues to work (separately) with both Dover and the three remaining members. Some people report that the band has broken up. Others say that they are just looking for a new guitarist. One thing is for sure: the name "Imperial Drag" will no longer be used.


  1. I wish I knew the full story.

  2. Some details will remain untold as per the requests of those involved (and also because they didn't tell me everything).
As near as I can gather, the stuff that Eric Skodis said was pretty accurate. They were working for many months on this record but they weren't making very much progress due to these "professional & personal differences" which were getting in the way. What were the differences? The ones that we need to be most concerned about are musical differences. As the chief songwriters, Manning and Dover needed to work together to make this thing work. And it wasn't working. One member described the atmosphere as lacking in "musical trust", that is, if one brought in a new song idea, he no longer trusted the other to understand and/or realize the idea along a common direction/train of thought.

That's as specific as I've been told about it. Dover said that at one point he and Roger looked at each other and said, "Y'know, we are moving in different directions, aren't we?" They had a meeting. It was decided, by all four members, that Eric would leave. What else was discussed in this meeting? Oh, if only I was a fly on the wall...

Any other reasons which you may have heard for this breakup will have to remain as speculation, as this is about all I can tell ya.


Although they started work on the new record in January, they hadn't gotten very far. Two songs were nearly completed, but they were pretty much just finished demos. Some other basic rhythm tracks were also laid down, but a producer still hadn't been selected to record the final tracks.

Will they ever see the light of day? As official releases, no. Do I expect to see people trading tapes of them here on the JELLY-L within a year? Probably, but they won't get 'em from me because I've never even heard them.


Eric Dover reports that he is already recording his new record. He says it will be cosmic and will feature a number of different contributing musicians, including ID bassist Joe Karnes.

Roger continues to work as a session player in and around LA (& elsewhere). Expect his contributions to become even more frequent as more musicians grow to appreciate his stylings. Of course, the new Moog Cookbook album comes out this month. I don't know if they plan to tour.

Joe has been writing, recording and gigging with the L.A. band Gracie and also doing various session work.

Roger, Joe and Eric Skodis (Icky) have plans to make another record, but I don't know how close they are to finding a new singer/guitarist. Icky sez that this whole breakup thing has brought them much closer together. But frankly, Joe and Icky need to find work. They spent a lot of time working on the second record but they didn't ever get paid. So right now, they are also pursuing other projects.


There may be a glimmer of hope for some form of reconciliation, but don't hold your breath. It's kinda ironic: Jellyfish broke up because they couldn't work with Andy. Afterwards, no one from the band even talks to Andy anymore. Things are much different in the ID camp: Eric Dover remains close to the other three. If, someday, they decide that they can work together again, we could see it. It seems that this is probably what management and the label would like to see.


Actually, the fan club is alive and well. Just as I'd pulled the address from my web site, I got a call from Kent Scally, who runs the club. He was so very sorry for making anyone wait for their stuff. He explained that the label had switched merchandisers three times and since the ID shirts were ordered in such small quantities, they were always given a low priority by the new screen printers. Also, the management had asked him to hold back on shipping new fan club packets until the aforementioned band issues had been resolved.

Here's what's gonna happen: 1) new packets will be sent out, but without t-shirts, and the shirts will be sent when they come in. Separate t-shirt orders will be filled as soon as the shirts are delivered. I'm also restoring the address to my web site.



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